What Makes a Good Small Business Web Design


A good web design is able to address the needs of users. Are your visitors looking for entertainment, information, interact or engage in sales? It is important that your website has a clear purpose, and effectively and efficiently fulfill the needs of your website users. Clear communication is also a vital aspect of a good website because people want to obtain information quickly. A good web content is informative, engaging and interactive. The effective tactics you can use include organization of information with the use of headlines and sub-headlines, bullet point usage rather than long sentences, and keeping wording in layman's term.


The ideal font readable online is Sans Serif like Verdana or Arial, and the recommended font size is 16px. Keep a streamlined design using a maximum of three typefaces in three point sizes at its maximum. The color coordination and balance are also important in enhancing user experience. For harmony and balance, use complementary colors, and use contrasting colors for the texts and background for easier reading. Vibrant colors can be used for a call to actions and buttons. For an uncluttered and modern look, leave some white space or negative space. Most people are visual learners, so choose the right photos for your website to help position your brand and to connect with your target audience. You can also consider using graphics, videos, and infographics for a more effective communication as compared to a well-written text. A good website is compatible not only with a desktop view but also in mobile view. Most online consumers are mobile users and they use their smartphones as twice as their desktops or laptops. To learn more about web design, visit http://www.ehow.com/how_6085873_start-designing-own-website.html.


A good website has an easy and simple navigation interface. It should be user-friendly. Use bread crumbs, logical page hierarchy, clickable buttons, and follow a three click rule to easily find information within three clicks. Most people usually see what is on the top part and the left side of the screen, while the right side is rarely seen, so it is best to display information following the order of importance, from left to right and from top to bottom. This load time plays a critical role whether your visitors stay or leave your website.


Make a more effective page load times by optimizing the sizes of your images, combining code into JavaScript or CSS file and minifying CSS, HTML or JavaScript to compress and speed up load time. For more information about small business web design services, feel free to view our website. Click here for more info